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                      Don Johnson Angus consist of two locations. Don and Margie Johnson, primary owners, located just outside of Salina, Kansas. Daughter Linda and son-in-law Dan Egger along with children Torie, Lane and Caylie, are located at Columbus, Nebraska, under the farm name of TLC Livestock.

The Angus herd began in the early ‘80s from an over-grown 4-H project. It started with the purchase of one show heifer which grew to the current herd of 175 cows. Over the years, very few cows have been purchased. The majority of the herd consist of spring calving cows and approximately 20 fall calving cows. The greater part of the cows are maintained in Kansas year around. Roughly 60 cows graze the stocks of Nebraska in the fall and are calved and artificial bred before return to the bluestem grass of Kansas in May. At weaning, the heifer calves stay in Kansas and the bull calves are grown in Nebraska. The calves not meeting the bull requirements are cut and fed through the feedlot that Dan manages. The spring yearling bulls are marketed through the annual production sale in March while the fall bulls are marketed privately. The heifers have been heavily retain the last several years to improve the genetics of the herd.

The main goal of the herd is to produce bulls for the commercial cattlemen. The herd’s pedigrees contain many of the top herd sires within the Angus breed. Artificial insemination has been used heavily. Sires have been selected based on balanced EPD’s and visual evaluation of structural soundness and eye appeal.

Emphasis has been placed on:
Positive scrotal EPD’s to ensure fertility for their sons as well as for their daughters

Low to moderate birth weight bulls for a live calf

Disposition as no one needs to take the risk with a nervous one


Over the years. some of the favorite sires used that the cowherd is based upon include Connealy Forefront, TC Dividend 963, Bon View New Design 878, Sitz Alliance 6595, Connealy Lead On, Mytty In Focus, SAV 004 Predominant 4438 and SAV Final Answer 0035. The last couple of years, daughters have been retained by SAV Priority, Sitz Investment 660Z, Shipwheel Chinook, Connealy Final Product, SAV Resource and Conneally Consensus 7229. In 2018, a Musgrave Apache son from Mohnen Angus was purchased and used as a clean-up bull on first-calf heifers and few cows.


Embryo transfer has been used off and on. In 2014, we flushed two cows, LJ Blackcap Lady 0932 and LJ Emblynette Z027. Twenty-seven eggs were placed in recipients sired by Consensus, Resource and Priority. The son’s top our 2016 sale. A son from each flush has been used within the herd. A Resource son has offspring in this year’s sale that are impressive. In 2017, Mohnen Jilt 1641 was added to the herd. She was flushed to Rainfall, Recharge and Growth Fund. Rainfall and Recharge calves are being born in the spring of 2019. Several eggs are available for purchase under the Private Treaty Page.


Thank you for checking our website out. Please feel free to contacts us for your Angus bull and female needs.

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