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Welcome to Don Johnson Angus

The operation’s main location is located seven miles east of Salina, Kansas, with an additional operation located outside of Columbus, Nebraska. Over the years, our emphasis has been on producing bulls for the commercial cattleman. The goal has been to provide an atmosphere where a buying decision can be made for a bull that will produce a calf of moderate birth weight, grow on his mother’s milk and grass not creep, and wean to his maximum weight to add profit and top dollar for the cattleman.

To achieve our goal, we have established a set of perimeters. The perimeters are:

Weaning EPD’s (WEPD) – WEPD is important to transmit that growth off the cow to the calf for those calves marketed at or shortly after weaning for our buyers. A.I. sires are being selected with at least a +52 WEPD. Of this year’s offering, 80% have a +52 or better WEPD.

Docility is as important to you as it is to us. We handle and manage our own cattle; thus, we don’t have the time or desire to be chased out of a pen. We cull heavy for docility.

Scrotal Circumference (SC) – We want to provide bulls that will get out and get the job done. Thus, we select bulls with a positive SC EPD. We found this to be important to ensure fertility in the bulls and females and to obtain the acceptable circumference we require of our yearling bulls. We require a 34 centimeters or better circumference at the Breeding Soundness Exam in February for the bull to make the sale along with passing semen evaluation for morphology and motility. Current standards will allow yearling bulls to pass with a scrotal measurement of 30 centimeters.

 Yearling Performance emphasis has been added to meet the need to produce the required heavier weight market steer. We are looking for Yearling EPD’s for A.I. sires to be +100 or more. The breed average is +92 of which 82% of this year’s offering reach or exceed.

Structural Soundness and Eye Appeal are continued to be visually evaluated.

Please contact us for a catalog or more information. We will be updating with more photos until sale day. Thank you for your interest.

Our 28th Bull Sale

Monday, March 4, 2024

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